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“Back-Atcha Chorus [...]" (2021)


8 page minizine by Gem

First printed 2021, installed in Special Dispensations February 2022

“Back-Atcha Chorus, You Hard Chorus, I’m Godless For Snatches, Bleakly Car-Darkened On A Lozenge”, “Some Bandaged Mystery, Cotching In Corinthinan Spit™ And I’m Toggling Spines ’til Gox-uary”, “O.K. “Drenched Regolith”, I’ll Catastrophise Sparse Naturals… For Heelys! And For Bait-Drenched America”, “The Fuckin’ Consequence-Free Rotisserie Buttress Married My “How My Wife And Child Perceive Me” D-ring Set w/ Knives”, “Toxic Heel-Toe Goblet Wasted An Enneagram” and “In The “Rescue” of Oxnard Spelling, Faxing a Spaniel (Or Collapsing A Spelling, Or Faxing Your Daughter) Is A Rat Cum Spelling”

Much of Gem’s work explores the mechanics of language, the multivalent depth of meaning a word can convey, and how context and design can affect a word’s meaning. This 8-page minizine features six works that distil this exploration into its purest form, assembling sentences free from semantic meaning.

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